An introduction to Deposit Return Schemes

3 June 2019 – 2pm Brussels time

As plastic pollution and its environmental impacts are becoming a worldwide issue, DRS often emerges as an efficient solution to this issue. With an average 90% of return rate for the targeted items, Deposit Return Schemes through economic incentives ensure real circularity and prevent plastics littering the environment.

  • General introduction on DRS
  • The case of Estonia
  • DRS to prevent marine litter a Spanish best practice
Team member
Clarissa Morawski
Managing Director at Reloop
In 2015, Clarissa co-founded and is currently the Managing Director of the Reloop Platform - a European Association comprised of industry, ENGOs and cities that collectively support pro-active policy to further a circular economy. Clarissa Morawski brings over 20 years of technical, analytical and communications experience in waste minimisation policy and operations. She specialises in waste minimisation and stewardship policy, with a specific interest in extended producer responsibility programs, cost and performance. Morawski is recognised world-wide for the comprehensive information she provides – information that is thoroughly researched and clearly organised. Several reports and guidelines from CM Consulting have been embraced as essential resources for professionals in industry and the recycling field as valuable tools and reference guides that can ease the decision making process. Since 1998, Clarissa has written over 100 articles and cover stories on product stewardship and waste management for Solid Waste and Recycling Magazine, Hazardous Materials Management Magazine, Resource Recycling (US), Biocycle (US), Alternatives and other North American publications.
Team member
Rauno Raal
Managing Partner/Consultant at Earth Care Consulting
After gaining management experience in banking and IT development sectors, Rauno joined the exciting recycling sector in 2008. He was General Manager of the Estonian Deposit System for 10 years, the biggest challenge was to ‘turn the boat around’ and put DRS to work in an efficient way, from both the environmental and financial outlooks. July 2018 Rauno left the Estonian Deposit System and acts as foreign expert in different waste management related projects all over Europe. It remains a joy for Rauno to see how hundreds of millions of cans, PET and glass bottles are collected and recycled rather than landfilled or incinerated. According to Rauno, one of the keys for an efficient circular economy is the use of high quality material, something that DRS can contribute to and therefore help start up further developments.
Team member
César Sánchez Lozano
Communications Director at Retorna
César Sánchez is from Barcelona, he has just turned 40 and he is the communications director of Retorna, a Spanish platform of NG0's that advocate for Zero Waste policies in Spain, specifically for Deposit and Return Systems. Graduated in Journalism, César has spent most of his professional time working in different local and national media. In 2011, he arrived at Retorna searching for a more meaningful position in order to make a real impact in our society. Since then, he has specialised in emotional communication.
Team member
Esra Tat
Moderator - Network and Development Coordinator at Zero Waste Europe
Esra Tat leads on the strategic development of the ZWE network and coordinates the Zero Waste Cities programme with its knowledge platform, the Zero Waste Masterplan, and the flagship “Zero Waste Municipality” mentoring and recognition programme. She is in charge of designing and further developing the tools to promote and accelerate Zero Waste strategies at the local level. In support of the ZWE members, she also oversees the recognition programme at the European level. Previously ,with a background on project management and environment, Esra co-directed a social enterprise and worked as a programme manager on energy efficiency and eco-housing programs. Esra holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management.

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