Setting up a reuse strategy for the city

7 May 2019 – 2PM – CET

As our throwaway culture tends to show its limits, waste prevention and repair in order to reuse seem are the right answer. In that sense, cities happen to be the perfect level to promote reuse initiatives and gather its citizens around socially and environmentally sustainable projects.

  • What can a municipality do to boost reuse?
  • What is the job creation potential and economic savings of launching a local reuse strategy?
  • What are best practices in the field of reuse?
Team member
Mathieu Rama
Policy Officer - Environment at Rreuse
Mathieu Rama is working for RREUSE, a Brussels based organisation representing the European Social Enterprises active in re-use, repair and recycling. He focuses on waste management and environmental related policies. In the past, he worked for Surfrider Foundation Europe to work on marine litter related policies and with ACR+ to promote the European Week for Waste Reduction. He has been involved in several projects, including ReWEEE (Development and demonstration of WEEE prevention and reuse paradigms in Greece) and LAWPreT (Local Authorities Waste Prevention Training).
Team member
Antigone Dalamaga
Director at Ecorec and RREUSE President
Antigone Dalamaga is based in Greece and is the Director of the Ecological Recycling Society, a national NGO in Greece, promoting the prevention, reuse and recycling. She represents the NGO both in Zero Waste Europe and in the RREUSE (Reuse and Recycling European Union Social Enterprises) where she has been president for the last 7 years. She has over 20 years’ experience in the field of Sustainable Waste Management at the local, national, and international levels and how it links to to job creation. She has participated as a researcher, expert and project manager in over 30 international projects. She has contributed as an expert to approximately 80 studies, reports and toolboxes of various EU funded projects.
Team member
Alejandro Piñol Montolio
Waste prevention and Recycling Points Technician at Area Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB)

Biologist and environmentalist, Alejandro has been involved in the Area Metropolitana de Barcelona "Better than new” program for the last 10 years. He coordinates the collection and treatment for 70 Recycling Points facilities.
Team member
Esra Tat
Moderator - Network and Development Coordinator at Zero Waste Europe
Esra Tat leads on the strategic development of the ZWE network and coordinates the Zero Waste Cities programme with its knowledge platform, the Zero Waste Masterplan, and the flagship “Zero Waste Municipality” mentoring and recognition programme. She is in charge of designing and further developing the tools to promote and accelerate Zero Waste strategies at the local level. In support of the ZWE members, she also oversees the recognition programme at the European level. Previously ,with a background on project management and environment, Esra co-directed a social enterprise and worked as a programme manager on energy efficiency and eco-housing programs. Esra holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management.

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