13:30 Registration and coffee

14:00 Welcome


  • Barbara Dewulf, Vice-Director and head of the Information, General Coordination, Circular Economy and Sustainable City Division at Brussels Environment

14:10 Organisers’ introduction


  • Esra Tat, Network and Development Coordinator at Zero Waste Europe
  • Jean-Benoit Bel, Senior Project Manager at ACR+

14:25 Panel 1

Hundreds of actors, hundreds of reasons: tackling household bio-waste


Pioneering players fostering action for food waste prevention and management from households. 

  • Christine Sautenet, Director at Sybert
  • Janko Kramžar, Director at Snaga
  • Michele Giavini, B.Sc. Env. Sci. Senior Expert at CIC – Italian Composting and Biogas Association
  • Antony Buchan, Head of Programme – Resource London, London Waste and Recycling Board

15:30 Panel 2

Keeping good habits outside the home: big producers preventing and sorting bio-waste


Food waste prevention and bio-waste management best practices in collective catering, hospitals, schools and retail.  

  • Irena Sedej, PhD, B. Sc. Food Technol., General Hospital Novo Mesto
  • Simon De Muynck, Urban Ecology Centre Research Coordinator and Scientific Collaborator at ULB-IGEAT
  • Teresa Guerrero, Head of Separate Collection Promotion at the Waste Agency of Catalonia

16:30 Break

16:45 Workshops

Five hands on experiences from across Europe

(previous registration required – Register here)


Think and act circular: A food waste prevention strategy

Room Aqua/1st floor
Susana Freitas, Project Manager, LIPOR


Become a Zero Food Waste City 

Room Sylva/1st floor

Jasmien Wildemeersch, co-director at FoodWIN


Laggards becoming frontrunners – the case of Sardinia 

Room Terra/1st floor

Enzo Favoino, Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza, Scientific Coordinator at Zero Waste Europe


Recipe for A Successful Food Surplus Donation System 

Room Amanita/3rd floor

Blazhe Josifovski, President of “Let’s do it Macedonia”


The sustainability puzzle of the Expo Milan 2015: focus on organic waste management 

Room Barbula/3rd floor

Gloria Zavatta, CEO at Amat and ex Sustainability Manager at Expo 2015


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17:30 Conclusions from the organisers followed by a networking drink


  • Esra Tat, Network and Development Coordinator at Zero Waste Europe
  • Jean-Benoit Bel, Senior Project Manager at ACR+


Moderator: Khushboo Balwani
Strategic Designer, Civic Innovation Network and Ouishare



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Zero Waste Europe co-organises this conference with ACR+ and Bruxelles Environnement – Leefmilieu Brussel

as part of the European Week for Waste Reduction

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