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Zero Waste Tools

The Zero Waste Tools provide you with opportunities to gain direct experience and knowledge, in order to assist the implementation of zero waste plans and policies within your city.

In this section you will find plenty of tools and resources to help guide you towards future successful implementation of zero waste strategies, created and led by the experts who have been behind Europe’s transition towards zero waste so far.

Using the experiences and insights we have gained from being at the forefront of the zero waste movement in Europe for the past decade, the zero waste tools has been designed to support the work of anyone who is serious about reducing and preventing waste in their local community.

Latest Tools


Zero Waste Cities savings calculator

This tool has been designed to help you visualise and understand the benefits that adopting zero waste policies can bring to your local area.


Creating a methodology for zero waste municipalities

A guide to help inspire and support communities to begin their journey towards zero waste


COVID-19 and zero waste

07th April 2020 · Live! Webinar Speakers Presentations


Has COVID-19 changed zero waste?

17th November 2020 · Live! Webinar Speakers Presentations


Does zero waste make economic sense for municipalities?

08th December 2020 · Live! Webinar Speakers Presentations


How to solve the waste trade crisis?

Wbinar Speakers' presentations - 16th February 2021 · 11:00 AM (CET)


Is recycling enough?

Webinar Speakers' presentations - 16th March 2021 · 2:00 PM (CET)

Other Tools


The rise of packaging free shops

We know that recycling alone will not be enough to solve the waste crisis we face today. Urgent action is […]


The bloody truth about single-use menstrual products

Evidence of the serious social, economic, and environmental impacts that the production, consumption and disposal of single-use menstrual products create […]


A methodology for zero waste municipalities

The COVID-19 crisis has completely transformed modern society. From how and what we consume to the way we interact with […]


Deposit Return Systems (DRS) for beverage containers

If Europe is to move towards a circular zero waste economy, then it must create systems and initiatives that retain […]


A conversation on waste incineration in Ukraine

On May 25th, we joined forces with our member OZERO and the Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine to shine a spotlight on the problem […]


Food contact materials (FCM)

Food Contact Materials (FCM), from packaging to tableware, kitchen utensils and food processing requirements, contains thousands of chemicals. Those chemicals, […]


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