Zero Waste Europe Live!

A series of high level webinars aiming to help municipalities, waste professionals and community leaders to hear first hand experience about the best practices of Zero Waste at the local level, kick-start or to further develop Zero Waste and Circular Economy strategies in their municipalities.

In the 10 years since the first formal commitment to work towards Zero Waste from a European city (Capannori in Italy), the Zero Waste Europe Network has been mentoring nearly 400 Zero Waste municipalities across Europe, including leading examples that have inspired others to take action even beyond the borders of Europe.

New legislation in Europe has given us 10 years to transition to a Circular Economy, and the best practices in Europe could be easily mainstreamed. The webinar series intends to share this knowledge with the key input from expert practitioners and scientists who have decades of experience designing, mentoring and implementing Zero Waste strategies.

Why should you join?

  • Learn from frontrunners and high level experts without leaving your office
  • Understand how to design and implement successful Zero Waste programmes at the local level
  • Learn the stories behind the best practices
  • Be one step ahead with key conversations related to Zero Waste and Circular Economy strategies
  • Connect with like-minded local stakeholders.

Who should join?

  • Policy makers & local authorities
  • City planners
  • Community leaders
  • Waste consultants
  • Waste management companies
  • Zero Waste advocates

Webinar features

  • Send your questions in advance or interact live during the Q&A
  • Ask your questions directly to the panelists
  • Chat with fellow attendees and with the panelists
  • Watch the webinar recording (if previously registered)

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