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In October 2018 we launched the Zero Waste Live! Project: a series of monthly high level webinars with experts from all over Europe. The webinars provide local authorities, waste professionals and community leaders with first hand experiences about the best practices of Zero Waste at the local level, to help kick-start or further develop Zero Waste and Circular Economy strategies.


You can access for free the first three webinars about EU legislation, PAYT and biowaste.

Enjoy the videos and keep reading for more!

Watch the first 3 webinars for free

The Live! online training does not stop here, you can have access to our complete library of recordings. Another 5 webinars covering the main topics for your journey towards Zero Waste!


The participation to the Live! webinars is free but to help us maintain and improve this project we invite you to make a donation to watch the recordings. 


How does it work?

  1. Pick one recording from the list below.
  2. Make a donation, once we receive it we will send you:
  • The link to access the recording
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  • All the presentations and documents mentioned during the webinar


In the form below, just enter your details along with the webinar you want to watch, then follow the instructions to make the donation.

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Enjoy the recordings and thank you for your collaboration!

Complete library of recordings

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01/19 – How to extend electronic devices lifespan and reduce e-waste at the city level learning from the Barcelona experience

02/19 – Plastic waste prevention in action!

03/19 – The transition strategy to deal with residual waste

04/19 – Setting up a reuse strategy for the city

03/19 – An Introduction to Deposit Return Schemes

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