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Collection of bio-waste in densely populated areas

In densely populated areas the collection is not easy but on the webinar, you can learn which is the ultimate […]


How to extend the electronic devices lifespan and reduce E-waste at the city level learning from the Barcelona experience

The city of Barcelona shows us how to extend the lifespan of electronic devices and reduce E-waste at the city […]


Plastic waste prevention in action

Do you want to learn more about plastic prevention? Are you looking for more clarity on plastic waste legislations and […]


The transition strategy to deal with residual waste

As waste generation is increasing all around Europe, specific measures need to be implemented to reverse the trend. Residual waste […]


Setting up a reuse strategy for the city

As our throwaway culture tends to show its limits, waste prevention and repair in order to reuse seem to be […]


An introduction to Deposit Return Schemes (DRS)

With an average 90% of return rate for the targeted items, Deposit Return Schemes through economic incentives ensure real circularity […]


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