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Christian Baron

[email protected]


5-10 years

Home city/town


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Languages spoken

German (Native), English (Fluent)

Christian is a developer, consultant and scientist with a background in cutting-edge research and waste management. He combines a passion for advancing people and technology to find innovative solutions to the challenges of the future. His work deals with interactive learning and method development in the fields of materials, material cycles, product development to innovative business models and stakeholder communication. You can feel his passion for these topics from the very first contact.

Certified Zero Waste Ambassador

Do you have the Zero Waste Ambassador Certificate, issued by the "BEZWA" project?


Certified Zero Waste Trainer

Do you have the Zero Waste Trainer Certificate, issued by the "BEZWA" project?


Zero Waste Mentor

Are you already or will be a mentor to municipalities for the Zero Waste Cities Certification, hosted by MiZA?


Zero Waste Auditor

Are you already or will be an auditor to municipalities for the Zero Waste Cities Certification, hosted by MiZA?


Fields of Expertise



Reuse & repair initiatives

Prevention of food waste / knowledge of food systems

Single-use plastics prevention

Extended Producer Responsibility schemes

The recycling process for key waste streams (paper, plastics, metals)

Organics management and composting

Separate collection of recyclables and residual waste

Economic incentives for waste reduction (e.g. PAYT)

Engaging the community in zero waste initiatives

Residual waste disposal methods

Key waste & circular economy related EU legislation

Knowledge of specific pieces of EU legislation:

Circular Economy Action Plan Green Deal Waste Framework Directive Single-Use Plastics Directive

Fields of Expertise



Digital Communication

Delivering / facilitating short-term workshops (1h-1 day)

Delivering / facilitating long workshops (+1 day)

Public speaking / oral communications

Advocacy & lobbying

Consulting municipalities and/or businesses

Project-based monitoring & evaluation

Other relevant qualifications / certifications?

PhD Interactive Training Leadership

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