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Learn from the frontrunners how a city can move towards zero waste


The story of Munich


From 2016 thanks to its reuse hub, Halle 2, the city of Munich managed to reuse or repair 1,000 tonnes of items each year


51,877 euro

Monthly income of Halle 2 in 2016


56,756 euro

Monthly income of Halle 2 in 2019

The story of Prelog


Within 5 years, Prelog has tripled the percentage of its separately collected waste. The city has reduced the amount of the mixed waste local residents produce to below 100 kg per capita, becoming a zero best practice in Croatia and beyond.



Separately collected waste



Separately collected waste


Today nearly 400 cities have taken on the challenge to become zero waste, joining a movement initiated and supported by Zero Waste Europe and its member organisations across the continent.

  • We rely on a network of expert organisations to evaluate and monitor the cities which have started on the path to Zero Waste and ensure that they are living up to their commitments, and we work to highlight their best practices and achievements for them to be replicated across Europe.
  • All the municipalities engaging on the zero waste path sign on a series of commitments. You can download the Zero Waste Cities Commitments below. If you are interested in joining this community, contact the National Coordinator in your country to get advice on the next steps. If your country is not listed contact the Zero Waste Cities team.

The Map

Here you can find the cities and municipalities across Europe currently committed to go zero waste. Once our members have verified the commitment of a municipality, a pin will be added to the map. Discover the cities that have chosen to follow a zero waste path on our map.


The Masterplan

The Zero Waste Masterplan is the pioneering knowledge platform created by Zero Waste Europe and its members to support the further development of the zero waste model on a local level and turn circular economy in reality in Europe. Whether you are already “in-office”, preparing a campaign or building a movement, the Zero Waste Masterplan offers the building blocks that can truly help solidify you programme: providing you with the tools needed to implement a sustainable waste management, waste prevention activities, repair and reuse strategies and an overview on Zero Waste Business models.

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