Our interactive Zero Waste Cities map

Over the past decade, the Zero Waste Cities programme has grown to work with over 450 European municipalities who wish to become zero waste. These municipalities have committed to move away from harmful disposal methods and have begun implementing some of the continent’s best performing waste prevention and recycling systems.

This map showcases the pioneering municipalities who have made these commitments and are part of our Zero Waste Cities programme. It also shows the local authorities who have taken the next step and are working with our partners, the Mission Zero Academy, to become a Zero Waste Certified City – verifying their performance and impact through the most robust framework of indicators related to zero waste at the local level in existence today. Finally, the map also highlights municipalities who are implementing standalone zero waste best practice initiatives and policies that may exist without a formal commitment from the municipality to become a zero waste city.

Please note that residual waste generation per capita has been calculated without considering average loss rate (ALR). ALR describes the % of materials that are collected but not recycled, due to contamination or low quality. This is normally between 5-10% on average.

All Cities

This map allows you to navigate through all municipalities that are part of our Zero Waste Cities programme, those showcasing best practices in waste and resource management, as well as candidate and certified cities that have committed to transition to zero waste through Mission Zero’s Academy’s Certification Programme.


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