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Enzo Favoino

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Italian (Native), English (Fluent), French (Comprehend), Spanish (Comprehend)

Enzo is with Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza, a not-for-profit Research Centre based in Northern Italy. He and his team have long been involved across Europe in scientific and technical issues related to optimisation of schemes for separate collection, definition and implementation of zero waste programmes, process management in composting and anaerobic digestion site, strategies to tackle the growing plastic problem. They have largely contributed to the development of separate collection, composting, reuse programmes and zero waste schemes in Italy, Spain, UK and other countries in and outside of the EU. He was a co-founder of ECN – European Compost Network. From 2004 to 2012, he sat as Chair of the WG on Biological Treatment at ISWA. Currently, he serves as Chair of the Scientific Committee of Zero Waste Europe. In recent years, he has been particularly involved in defining policies and strategies as well as implementing practices to trim the overflow of plastics, with specific regards to single-use ones, and reduce their leakage into the environment. He contributed to documents and papers issues by relevant global networks working on the issue, he took part in the expert panel that carried out the research “Breaking the Plastic Wave” to define strategies (and their potential contribution) to minimise leakage of plastics.

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Reuse & repair initiatives

Prevention of food waste / knowledge of food systems

Single-use plastics prevention

Extended Producer Responsibility schemes

The recycling process for key waste streams (paper, plastics, metals)

Organics management and composting

Separate collection of recyclables and residual waste

Economic incentives for waste reduction (e.g. PAYT)

Engaging the community in zero waste initiatives

Residual waste disposal methods

Key waste & circular economy related EU legislation

Knowledge of specific pieces of EU legislation:

Circular Economy Package Single-Use Plastics Directive Residual Waste Policy

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Advocacy & lobbying

Consulting municipalities and/or businesses

Project-based monitoring & evaluation


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