Creating a zero waste methodology for municipalities


Across Europe, in response to the growing waste and climate crises we face, a growing number of cities are adopting zero waste policies and strategies. Yet the urgency and scale of the problem requires an immediate increase in the speed and impact of zero waste and circular economy strategies being implemented on the ground.

This is why, together with Hnuti DUHA and Ekologi Brez Meja we have started a project with the aim of providing an introduction to some of the key principles of what zero waste is today.

Thanks to this project we have created a number of practical tools for municipalities and communities, including a groundbreaking calculator to see the benefits that adopting a zero waste approach could bring to your municipality, specifically regarding a reduction in the costs of waste management, the levels of waste generated and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. All resources are available in the Zero Waste Europe Academy section.

In July 2020, we have also organised an online conference to show the main results of the project – You can watch the recording here.

Who is involved? 



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