A methodology for zero waste municipalities

07th July 2020 · Online Event Speakers Presentations

The COVID-19 crisis has completely transformed modern society. From how and what we consume to the way we interact with one another and within communities. The pandemic has shone a light like never before on what works and what doesn’t, within our society.

The zero waste approach is more relevant now than it ever has been. In a time when we must urgently reduce the negative impact we are having on our planet, whilst also continuing to prioritise the resilience of our health and economic systems, adopting a zero waste approach has the ability to sit at the centre of a successful recovery in a post-COVID world. This is why we have decided to release a new version of our Zero Waste Masterplan, which will be released on the day of the webinar, to provide guidance on how zero waste can be at the heart of communities’ transition towards a circular relationship with resources and nature.

On July 7th, Zero Waste Europe organised an online event to discuss how to create a methodology and strategy for adopting zero waste at the local level.

We discussed ideas and solutions that can help cities accelerate their progress towards zero waste and the circular economy, as well as addressing some other key themes:

  • What zero waste methodologies and strategies could cities follow and replicate in their local communities?
  • What are the specific tools available for municipalities to use and tailor when designing zero waste strategies? How have zero waste strategies been designed and implemented in a range of contexts across Europe?
  • How have municipalities adapted their zero waste policies within the current COVID-19 crisis, and how have they continued to prioritise this course of action?

Check out the webinar recording here & download the speakers’ presentations.


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