Is recycling enough?

Webinar Speakers' presentations - 16th March 2021 · 2:00 PM (CET)

For any municipality, an effective separate collection kerbside system that enables high-quality materials to be recycled forms the foundation of any local zero waste strategy. For most residents, they believe that by recycling at home, they are doing their bit to help reduce waste and protect the environment. However, given the urgency of the need to address the myriad of environmental issues we face today, is recycling enough or do we need a more bold approach?

Our Live! webinar “Is recycling enough?” went into greater depth to answer these key questions:

  • Why are so many member states not achieving the 2020 EU recycling target? Is there enough recycling capacity in Europe today to meet the demand?
  • What are the problems with recycling today? Can citizens be confident that what they put in their recycling bin actually gets recycled into a new product or materials?
  • What policies and solutions can local municipalities implement with their communities to ensure reuse over recycling?

Watch the recording here and download the speakers’ presentations below.


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