The rise of packaging free shops

19th January 2021 · Live! Webinar Speakers Presentations

We know that recycling alone will not be enough to solve the waste crisis we face today. Urgent action is needed to tackle the problem systematically and holistically. An important component of this is the need for citizens to rethink their consumption patterns and methods to generate less waste. In recent years we have seen a huge rise in the growth and popularity of packaging-free shops across Europe, aimed at reducing waste and connecting consumers with the food & products they purchase.

Zero Waste Europe recently conducted a pioneering survey on the rise of packaging-free shops in Europe and what this means for waste prevention levels. The findings of this survey were presented at the start of the webinar and formed the basis of the discussion throughout, with leading experts from industry and business sharing their insights into what role packaging-free shops can play in societies transitioning towards zero waste.

This webinar tooke a closer look and examine some key questions:

  • What impact are packaging-free shops currently having on waste generation levels in Europe?
  • What roles do packaging-free shops have to play within a zero waste plan?
  • What action can cities & municipalities take to facilitate the growth of further packaging-free and zero waste shops within their local area?

Download the speakers’ presentations and watch the webinar’s recordings here.


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