What does zero waste have to do with COP26?

Speakers' presentation ~ Webinar on 2 November 2021

As our climate crisis continues to deepen, this year’s COP26 conference comes at a critically important time. For delegates attending, and for those of us watching the negotiations from afar, solutions to climate change need not only to be recognised, but a strong enabling framework needs to be established, with the right financial and legal for these solutions to be scaled up.

There is a growing bank of data and evidence from around the world showcasing the benefits that zero waste solutions can have on tackling climate change. Zero Waste Cities in Europe are providing a practical framework for what action on zero waste and climate change looks like in reality. This webinar will explore these policies in greater depth, examining the decisions behind their design and implementation, as well the the impact they are having and how others municipalities can replicate their success.

This webinar explored the answers to these key questions:

    • What does science say about the ability of zero waste solutions to reduce GhG emissions?
    • What role can zero waste cities play in helping achieve a net-zero carbon world?
    • How are European cities already tackling climate change through the adoption of local zero waste strategies?

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