Zero Waste Cities Infographics


3 infographics that are downloadable and can be used to help communicate what the most important first steps for a zero waste city to take are and the benefits these can bring to the local community, most notably the economic benefits.

Our Zero Waste Cites model and approach is growing across Europe today at an exciting pace. Yet too often there remains a lack of knowledge and awareness about what exactly zero waste is. This is hindering and preventing the implementation of local zero waste strategies, which we so urgently need if we are to tackle the various environmental and social crises we face today.

To help make communicating about Zero Waste Cities more easier, we have created three separate infographics which you can download and use in your work to help spread the message about Zero Waste Cities. These infographics focus on:

  1. The immediate steps a city can take to reduce its waste, which are often the first policies to be implemented by municipalities on their journey to becoming zero waste
  2. The different benefits that adopting a local zero waste strategy can bring to a community
  3. The economic benefits that can be achieved by municipalities who adopt local zero waste strategies



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