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How to extend the electronic devices lifespan and reduce E-waste at the city level learning from the Barcelona experience

5th February 2019 · 2:00 PM (CET)

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How to extend the electronic devices lifespan and reduce e-waste at the city level learning from the Barcelona experience:

  • How to radically reduce electronic waste at the city level?
  • How to build a social network and create new jobs in repairing and refurbishing old electronic equipment?
  • How to set up a system at the city level that gives a new life to used electronic goods ensuring full traceability and recycling?
  • Electronic Waste – how can ecodesign help?


David Franquesa

CEO at and Director of eReuse

David is Director at, a non-profit for fostering the circular economy of electronic reuse, promote digital inclusion, and reducing e-waste . David is an Information Technology engineer specialised in ensuring full-scope traceability, the reusing and recycling of electronic devices. He holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science awarded by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in 2005 and he is currently a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Sustainability of the same university. The title of his thesis is "Social and circular reuse of digital devices". His research interests are in digital device reuse, digital inclusion, decentralized and participatory distributed systems, commons and circular economies

Ester Vidal

Director of Cooperative, Social and Solidarity economy services at the Barcelona City Council

Ms. Vidal has 24 years of experience in economic management, organisation and strategy social economy and solidarity companies. She is the Director of Services for the Cooperative, Social and Solidarity Economy of the Barcelona City Council since March 2016. During this time, the service has been promoted and structured to develop new socio-economic development policies in the areas of: promotion of the social and solidarity economy, economy of care, responsible consumption and a more sustainable food model. Graduated in business management and administration, before joining the City Council, she worked for more than 20 years accompanying entities of social and solidarity economy in the development of projects and especially economic, strategic and organisational advice. Her specialisation is in development of management models with high participation of the members of the organisation. She also has multiple experiences as a trainer in different aspects of the cooperative enterprise: legal framework of the cooperative, the cooperative of associated work, analysis of financial statements in the cooperatives, accounting for cooperatives, responsibilities and functions of the governing bodies, cooperative social management, etc.

Mireia Roura

Project Manager at Donalo

Mireia has experience as a refurbisher and as a retailer, having worked on the refurbished computers reselling on, a Fundacion real dreams’s project which improved local economy and created green jobs. Thanks to her expertise, she also participated in the construction of the local platform in Barcelona as Project Manager and coordinator. She holds a Msc in Biological Science, Organism and Systems, a Master’s in journalism and a Master’s in Social Corporate Responsibility, Accounting and Social Audit. She has worked as Project Coordinator for several nonprofit and CSR projects.

Esra Tat

Moderator - Network and Development Coordinator at Zero Waste Europe

Esra Tat leads on the strategic development of the ZWE network and coordinates the Zero Waste Cities programme with its knowledge platform, the Zero Waste Masterplan, and the flagship “Zero Waste Municipality” mentoring and recognition programme. She is in charge of designing and further developing the tools to promote and accelerate Zero Waste strategies at the local level. In support of the ZWE members, she also oversees the recognition programme at the European level. Previously ,with a background on project management and environment, Esra co-directed a social enterprise and worked as a programme manager on energy efficiency and eco-housing programs. Esra holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management.

Webinar features

  • Learn from frontrunners and high level experts without leaving your office
  • Understand how to design and implement successful zero waste programmes at the local level
  • Learn the stories behind the best practices
  • Be one step ahead with key conversations related to zero waste and circular economy strategies
  • Connect with like-minded local stakeholders

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