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Making reuse the norm in Europe again

10th May 2022 · 2:00 PM (CET)

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The way we use packaging in Europe has wide room for improvement.

While we know that the overwhelming majority of packaging in the market loses over 95% of its value after the first use, the last decades have brought about an unprecedented increase in packaging use and a decline in packaging reusability and recyclability.

In a context with increasing public attention, the urgency to decarbonise our economies and move towards a circular use of resources and materials, the clear limitations of single-use packaging are therefore being exposed, and reusable packaging is now standing high on the agenda of policy-makers and key market players.

However, some of the biggest questions remain where and how to start this transition to circularity when the entire retail sector is still designed and wired to work with single-use packaging.

Building on the findings of a European multi-stakeholder project led by Zero Waste Europe called the ReuSe Vanguard Project (RSVP), this webinar will go into greater depth to address the following key questions and more:

– What packaging materials are the most suitable from an environmental and economic perspective?

– Why reuse makes so much sense and which market segments should be prioritised to properly initiate the transition?

– Where do we start this transition?

– What can the EU do to ensure that upcoming legislation pieces effectively supports the reuse transition and give the right long-term signals to cities, businesses, industry players and investors?



Larissa Copello

Consumption & Production Campaigner

Larissa has a background in Law and she worked as a Legal Consultant on environment, health, and safety policies. She is passionate about environmental protection and sustainable development practices. Larissa is a zero waster at heart, and enjoys running campaigns and empowering people towards sustainable consumption patterns

Gérard Bellet

Founder at Jean Bouteille, President of the New European Reuse Association

Gérard Bellet is the founder of Jean Bouteille, a company whose business model is entirely Zero Waste, combining the bulk system and the refillable bottle system. The company works with retail outlets to offer the opportunity for citizens to anchor reuse practices in their daily lives. Gérard is also the President of The New European Reuse Alliance (‘New ERA’), a not-for-profit association, created by 9 European companies that offer reusable packaging solutions, systems, services or products in key market segments. Through collaborative efforts, the members of this group raise awareness on the benefits of well-run reuse systems and influence key EU and national policy cycles to shape the legal incentives, infrastructure and financing models to accelerate the transition from single use to reuse.

Tobias Bielenstein

GDB/AK Mehrweg

Tobias is the director Public Affairs, Sustainability & Communications of the Cooperative of the German Mineral Water Companies (GDB), which runs Europe's biggest refillable bottles system with more than one billion bottles and more than 100 million crates. Tobias is also COO of the Working Group Refillables (Arbeitskreis Mehrweg), an organisation managing the Europan Refillable Logo and serving as a think tank & information point about refillables for companies, start-ups, authorities and scientists.

Nathan Dufour - Moderator

Consumption & Production Programme Coordinator

Nathan Dufour leads on the development of the Consumption and Production programme at Zero Waste Europe (ZWE), building bridges between CSOs, new businesses innovators, academics, investors and policy-makers to contribute to the emergence of a truly circular, zero waste, and non-toxic economy that has prevention and reuse at its core. One of Nathan's key missions at ZWE is to seek to unlock the potential of reuse systems and help mainstreaming these across Europe, something he deals with to a large extent as the Coordinator of the ReuSe Vanguard Project. He also co-coordinates the business leg of the BFFP-led We Choose Reuse campaign which, among others, has gathered the support of around 300 reuse businesses from across Europe.

Webinar features

  • Learn from frontrunners and high level experts without leaving your office
  • Understand how to design and implement successful zero waste programmes at the local level
  • Learn the stories behind the best practices
  • Be one step ahead with key conversations related to zero waste and circular economy strategies
  • Connect with like-minded local stakeholders

Enjoy the Webinar!


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