Deposit Return Systems (DRS) for beverage containers

16th June 2020 · Live! Webinar Speakers Presentations

If Europe is to move towards a circular zero waste economy, then it must create systems and initiatives that retain the value of materials by reusing them over and over again, using recycling as a last resort to ensure that no waste is leaked into the environment. Deposit Return Systems (DRS) have proven to be the most effective and sustainable way to make this happen, with an increasing amount of interest and uptake in these systems across Europe.

On June 16th 2020 we have organised a webinar which explored what DRS can be implemented by municipalities at the local level, highlighting successful existing examples and the reasons behind such best practices. Moving away from just the beverage sector, we also examined how DRS can be expanded to reduce waste in the transport & shipping of materials/products.

This webinar toke a closer look and examined some key questions:

  • Why are DRS so effective in encouraging product reuse by citizens?
  • What lessons can we learn from the efficiency of Deposit Return Systems and how can we adapt these to other sectors in society?
  • What actions can municipalities take to implement local DRS and why are these important?

Check out the webinar recording here & download the speakers’ presentations.


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