Does zero waste make economic sense for municipalities?

08th December 2020 · Live! Webinar Speakers Presentations

The environmental benefits of adopting a zero waste approach have been well documented and are clear for many municipalities today. However, what is less discussed is that by adopting a local zero waste approach, authorities can also cut their expenditure. On December 8th we organised a webinar to examine the various economic benefits that municipalities can achieve from transitioning to zero waste, analysing which policies can be used and tailored in different contexts to have the greatest results.

This webinar wnt into greater depth to answer these key questions:

  • How can adopting a zero waste approach cut costs for a municipality?
  • Which municipalities have saved money using a zero waste approach and how have they done this?
  • What processes and policies have the biggest economic impact for a municipality?
  • How can they be locally tailored to each municipalities’ context?

Check out the webinar recording here & download the speakers’ presentations.


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