How to solve the waste trade crisis?

Wbinar Speakers' presentations - 16th February 2021 · 11:00 AM (CET)

The impact of waste that is generated in Europe continues to be felt in countries and communities thousands of miles away. Communities are having to deal with the effects of non-recyclable waste from Europe that is increasingly dumped or burnt. 2020 was an important year in the fight to tackle the waste trade crisis. Our last webinar examined what the current policy landscape is and what is being done to tackle this problem at the local, European and global level.

This webinar went into greater depth to answer these key questions:

What are the latest developments regarding EU law on waste shipments? What have the consequences been of this, both in Europe and abroad?
What does a plastic waste export ban mean? And where does it apply? When we ban waste from being exported, what should we do with it? What other measures should be taken from a circular economy perspective?
What, if anything, can local communities and municipalities do to prevent more waste from being illegally exported? Where does responsibility sit for tackling this issue?


Watch the recording here and download the speakers’ presentations below.


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