The bloody truth about single-use menstrual products

20th October 2020 · Live! Webinar Speakers Presentations

Evidence of the serious social, economic, and environmental impacts that the production, consumption and disposal of single-use menstrual products create is building. As part of #environmenstrualweek 2020, we have organised a webinar to examine in greater detail the negative impacts that single-use menstrual products are having today, as well as providing some clear policies and solutions for decision-makers, manufacturers, and consumers to address the problem.

The webinar went into greater depth to answer these key questions:

  • What does the evidence say on the environmental and economic impacts of single-use menstrual items, nappies, and wet wipes?
  • What is Environmenstrual Week and what are campaigners doing to tackle this issue?
  • What are the biggest health and social issues that occur from using these items?
  • What are the measures and policy recommendations that can help solve this problem?

Check out the webinar recording here & download the speakers’ presentations.

A list of key links mentioned during the presentation is available here.


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