Workshop – How to create a zero waste municipality programme?


Often, municipalities and communities are daunted by the perceived challenge that becoming zero waste entails. It is therefore important to break down what zero waste looks like at the local level and to outline the step-by-step process of what this could look like. At the initial stage of discussions, it is beneficial to get a group of relevant stakeholders together for a meeting/workshop to begin discussions on how the local community can begin its journey towards zero waste.

Therefore, Zero Waste Europe and our members have created a set of tools to guide the implementation of this introductory workshop, as well as a useful exercise to be conducted in groups that allows participants to understand better the different requirements, strategies and difficulties that surround the creation of a zero waste municipality programme. 

These tools have been designed in order to share understanding on what zero waste is and the benefits this approach brings for municipalities. The group activity should be conducted after the presentation during your workshop/meeting. It’s aim is to build on the introduction to zero waste that the presentation provides, giving participants an interactive opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of key community stakeholders to come together and discuss how to create a zero waste plan.

Supporting documents have also been included to help ensure the smooth running of the workshop, including a draft agenda and factsheets which should be provided for participants during the group activity. Each document provides space for you to tailor and amend to your specific context.


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