One community at a time

Discover our new project with 11 ZWE members to accelerate the transition towards zero waste at the local level.

Currently, we know that Europe finds itself at a critical moment in time towards its “material transition” towards circularity and decarbonisation. Urgent action is needed on a large scale if we are to solve the growing challenges facing our environment and societies today.

We know the solutions are out there already. What is needed now is greater effect and pace behind building the power, capacity, and expertise of local actors to turn the vision of a zero waste future into a reality.

Zero Waste Europe is excited to announce the start of a new project aimed at doing exactly this. Together with 11 of our members, we want to use the opportunity provided by new European Union legislation on waste, plastics and climate, to scale up the quantity and quality of citizen-centred zero waste models successfully applied by municipalities.

Who is involved?

This project has been developed together with 11 Zero Waste Europe members which are working at the local level on citizen-centred zero waste models successfully applied by municipalities.

Over the next 2 years, we will be working with them in Zero Waste Bulgaria, Zero Waste Croatia, Friends of the Earth (Cyprus), Zero Waste Kiel (Germany), Ecological Recycling Society (Greece), Zero Waste Italy, ZERO (Portugal), Zero Waste Romania, Alizanza Residuo Cero and Rezero (Spain), Ekologi brez meja (Slovenia), and Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine to multiply the impact of our work and get at least 20 new municipalities implementing waste plans.


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