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Zero Waste Europe’s Study Tours provide a brilliant opportunity to gain hands-on experience and knowledge that you will need to help implement zero waste plans in your city.

Our Study Tours help connect leading figures and officials from across Europe working on zero waste and circular economy issues, providing an excellent opportunity to speak to experts and practitioners at all levels and share your experiences with participants from all over the continent.

We have organised previous Study Tours to best practice cities in Italy, the Basque Country, Spain, Flanders, Belgium and Sweden. These Study Tours have taken participants to Michelin Star Zero Waste restaurants, best in class Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and innovative reuse centres.

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Currently there is no Study Tour scheduled but you can contact us to let us know your interest and we will get back to you regarding further information about the Study Tour programme.

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Past Study Tours

study tour

Barcelona region, Catalonia

23rd October 2023 - 25th October 2023

Zero Waste Europe is conducting a new study tour in October in Catalonia in collaboration with REZERO. Join us for […]

study tour

Milan and Treviso, Italy

21st November 2022 - 23rd November 2022

Zero Waste Europe is organising its first Study Tour in 3 years; this time we will be returning to the […]

study tour

Milan and Capannori, Italy

9th December 2019 - 11th December 2019

Zero Waste Europe will be conducting another Study Tour in two European frontrunning municipalities in Italy. Visit these success stories […]

study tour


8th May 2019 - 10th May 2019

The 8th, 9th and 10th of May 2019, the Cities team went to Slovenia,  the top performing country in Europe, […]

study tour

Brussels and Flanders

6th December 2018 - 7th December 2018

The region of Flanders is indeed a forerunner regarding waste management. In 2000 it had already met the EU 2020 […]

study tour


2nd October 2017 - 10th October 2017

Sardinia is the leading island in the Mediterranean in waste management. It has seen a quick evolution based on strong […]

study tour

Milan and Parma

19th April 2017 - 21st April 2017

The North of Italy has the best performing examples of waste management in urban context in Europe. The rapid expansion […]

study tour

Basque Country

10th November 2016 - 11th November 2016

On top of the good practices of waste management, the tour visited good practices on circular economy. In this sense, […]

study tour


10th February 2016 - 13th February 2016

For the second time, Zero Waste went on tour in the Flanders that indeed, contain all the pieces of good […]

study tour


11th June 2015 - 12th June 2015

Flanders contains all the pieces of good practices needed to go towards Zero Waste in a very compacted area. The […]

study tour

Gothenburg & Malmö

25th June 2015 - 26th June 2015

Despite the strong push for waste-to-energy, Sweden has quite some interesting best practices of waste management and prevention. What did we […]

study tour

Milan and Contarina

25th November 2015 - 27th November 2015

The North of Italy has the best performing examples of waste management in urban context in Europe. The rapid expansion […]


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