Rossella Recupero

Communications Officer at Zero Waste Europe

20 September 2019

20 September 2019 - Biowaste

The Story of Pontevedra

Rossella Recupero

20 September 2019 - Biowaste

The Story of Pontevedra

Rossella Recupero

Communications Officer at Zero Waste Europe

Photo credits: Pierre Condamine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Brussels 20/09/2019

Today, Zero Waste Europe’s Executive Director, Joan Marc Simon, is in Pontevedra, Spain, to present a new case study on the Spanish Province which established itself as a best practice example for bio-waste management

The publication, available in English and Spanish, is part of a collection of best practices published by Zero Waste Europe which aims at displaying change-making initiatives, led by municipalities and communities, that are challenging and transforming current waste management models to inspire change across Europe. 

Pontevedra managed to shift away from an unsustainable, centralised and expensive waste management system, to comply with the EU recycling obligations, thanks to the Revitaliza project, which built a decentralised, community-led composting system for biowaste

After only three years, Pontevedra achieved highly encouraging results and in 2019, more than 2,000 tonnes of bio-waste were locally composted. The success of Revitaliza lies in its effective monitoring system, and a strong communication plan which allowed for effective citizen engagement.

According to Pierre Condamine, Zero Waste Europe’s Waste Policy Officer:

The case of Pontevedra proves that ambitious results can be achieved with low-key and cost-efficient measures following zero waste principles. Not only is it good for the environment but it creates jobs while raising awareness within local communities.

Joan Marc Simon is attending a press conference with Cesáreo Mosquera, Vice-President of Deputación Pontevedra and Carlos Pérez Losada, Council Member and Technical Director of the Revitaliza project, after which they’ll visit the community composting sites across the province.

Download the Case Study


Press Contact:

Joan Marc Simon, Executive Director, Zero Waste Europe, [email protected], +32 (0) 2 73 62 091

Agnese Marcon, Communications Coordinator, Zero Waste Europe, [email protected], +32 (0) 456 078 038





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