Zero Waste Europe continues to organise a series of high level events that are designed for municipalities, waste professionals and community leaders to hear first hand experiences about the best practices of zero waste. We work with both our members and our network of experts to highlight leading examples of municipalities taking action on zero waste.

Unfortunately there are no upcoming conferences

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    Past Conferences


    Zero waste at the coast: Lessons on waste prevention for policy-makers

    TOPOS Parlement, Rue d'Arlon 25, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels Belgium

    17th May 2023


    Lessons for local zero waste implementation


    14th June 2022


    A methodology for zero waste municipalities

    Zoom & Youtube

    7th July 2020


    On the Path to Zero Waste Cities: The Case of Organic Waste

    Brussels, Belgium

    19th November 2018


    Network of Zero Waste Towns Meeting

    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    21st April 2016


    1st Zero Waste Europe Conference

    Brussels, Belgium

    7th March 2013


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