Tools for Zero Waste Cities

The Zero Waste Tools provide you with opportunities to gain direct experience and knowledge, in order to assist the implementation of zero waste plans and policies within your city.

In this section you will find plenty of tools and resources to help guide you towards future successful implementation of zero waste strategies, created and led by the experts who have been behind Europe’s transition towards zero waste so far.

Using the experiences and insights we have gained from being at the forefront of the zero waste movement in Europe for the past decade, the zero waste tools has been designed to support the work of anyone who is serious about reducing and preventing waste in their local community.

Latest Tools


How to collect, sort, and reuse textile waste locally?

Overview and recommendations for municipalities


How to best collect bio-waste

Guidance for municipalities on the best-performing methods to separately collect bio-waste


Reducing food waste at the local level

Guidance for municipalities to reduce food waste through the local supply chain


Putting second-hand first to create local jobs

Guidance for municipalities to develop local re-use strategies


Creating a methodology for zero waste municipalities

A guide to help inspire and support communities to begin their journey towards zero waste


Zero Waste Cities savings calculator

This tool has been designed to help you visualise and understand the benefits that adopting zero waste policies can bring to your local area.

Other Tools


What does the energy crisis mean for zero waste?

According to the International Energy Agency, the world is experiencing the first truly global energy crisis in history. The situation […]


How can we create zero waste textile systems?

Fast fashion – the constant flow of new styles with cheap prices and poor quality – has skyrocketed the number […]


Making reuse the norm in Europe again

In a context with increasing public attention, the urgency to decarbonise our economies and move towards a circular use of […]


Ensuring the non-toxicity of products and packaging

The presence of harmful chemicals in products is impacting both our health and our environment. Consumers are exposed to many […]


How to finance a zero waste city

Many European municipalities today are aware of the need to implement more zero waste strategies and solutions, given the urgency […]


How can we fix Europe’s broken recycling system?

Official data will show you that the EU’s recycling rate is steadily increasing and has been over the past decade, although […]


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