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Decentralised management of organic waste

Today, only 30% of bio-waste across Europe is collected separately and recycled in a sustainable way, yet it accounts for […]


Zero Waste Cities and climate

In 2015, world leaders agreed to the most ambitious plan yet to tackle climate change. 5 years on, progress to […]


Workshop – How to create a zero waste municipality programme?

Often, municipalities and communities are daunted by the perceived challenge that becoming zero waste entails. It is therefore important to […]


Waste shipment: the out of sight, out of mind situation we need to fix

On 1st January 2018, China’s implementation of a ban on waste imports casts a spotlight on the ineffectual and hugely […]


Food waste prevention

The current extractive, wasteful and polluting nature of food production is having a huge impact on European societies today and […]


Chemical recycling: what it is and does it fit into the Circular Economy?

With our webinar on 11th November 2019, we tried to understand what is Chemical Recycling, what are its pro and […]


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