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The bloody truth about single-use menstrual products

Evidence of the serious social, economic, and environmental impacts that the production, consumption and disposal of single-use menstrual products create […]


A methodology for zero waste municipalities

The COVID-19 crisis has completely transformed modern society. From how and what we consume to the way we interact with […]


Deposit Return Systems (DRS) for beverage containers

If Europe is to move towards a circular zero waste economy, then it must create systems and initiatives that retain […]


A conversation on waste incineration in Ukraine

On May 25th, we joined forces with our member OZERO and the Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine to shine a spotlight on the problem […]


Food contact materials (FCM)

Food Contact Materials (FCM), from packaging to tableware, kitchen utensils and food processing requirements, contains thousands of chemicals. Those chemicals, […]


COVID-19 and zero waste

The current global pandemic of the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, is testing the capacity and readiness of our health systems like […]


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