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Is recycling enough?

For any municipality, an effective separate collection kerbside system that enables high-quality materials to be recycled forms the foundation of […]


How to solve the waste trade crisis?

The impact of waste that is generated in Europe continues to be felt in countries and communities thousands of miles […]


The rise of packaging free shops

We know that recycling alone will not be enough to solve the waste crisis we face today. Urgent action is […]


Does zero waste make economic sense for municipalities?

The environmental benefits of adopting a zero waste approach have been well documented and are clear for many municipalities today. […]


Has COVID-19 changed zero waste?

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed society and our everyday lifestyles. As we continue to adjust to the realities of […]


The bloody truth about single-use menstrual products

Evidence of the serious social, economic, and environmental impacts that the production, consumption and disposal of single-use menstrual products create […]


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